Professor Rob Parton

Research to stop cancer and asthma receives funding

16 December 2011 Cutting-edge research that aims to stop the transformation of healthy cells into cancerous cells and develop treatments for asthma will be funded at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience after an announcement by Health Mini...

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A moth proboscis, imaged by Darren Brown

Science inspires out-of-this-world art

28 November 2011 Microscopes are usually associated with science rather than art, but a new exhibition involving two IMB researchers is demonstrating the beauty that can be found down the lens and in the lab. The Incredible Inner...

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Dr Kelly Smith

Heart development research among projects to score $2.7M in fellowships

16 November 2011 The Australian Research Council has offered over $2.7 million in fellowships to support IMB researchers to investigate heart development, the reproductive system and tiny molecules that could be the key to treating previousl...

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Researchers develop new method for studying gene activity

14 November 2011 A new method for examining genetic information, published today in the prestigious journal Nature Biotechnology, has allowed researchers to delve further than ever ...

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The Institute for Molecular Bioscience

IMB highly successful in Australian research funding

1 November 2011 Researchers from the Institute for Molecular Bioscience have received $5.62 million from the Australian Research Council in their major annual funding round for projects including investigating chemicals that could lead to ne...

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Professor John Mattick

International team shows how the human brain alters its genetic landscape

31 October 2011 An international team of researchers, including Australians, have discovered a new genetic mechanism behind the extraordinary plasticity of the brain, which underpins our ability to learn, remember and think. The team...

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Professor Mike Waters

IMB receives $13.2 million in medical research funding

17 October 2011 Researchers from the Institute for Molecular Bioscience have received $13.2 million in fellowships and grants from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) to investigate diseases ranging from chronic pain to ...

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Professor Melissa Little

Expert panel announced for health and medical research review

27 September 2011 Two University of Queensland researchers have been chosen as part of an expert panel to conduct an independent review on health and medical research in Australia. Professor Melissa Little, from UQ’s Institute ...

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IMB's winner Dr Mathias Francois

UQ researchers celebrated for excellence in their fields

13 September 2011 A project exploring how to manipulate the development of the lymphatic vascular system to block the spread of cancer cells throughout the body has won a 2011 UQ Foundation Research Excellence Award. Dr Mathias Franc...

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Professor Jenny Martin

Researchers shine at Women in Technology Awards

12 September 2011 IMB’s Professor Jenny Martin has been named a leading female scientist, winning the Biotechnology Outstanding Achievement Award at Queensland’s Women in Technology Awards. Professor Martin was recognised...

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The Aedes aegypti mosquito, carrier of dengue.

Worldwide dengue prevention closer following successful Australian field trials

25 August 2011 Leading scientific journal Nature has today published two papers describing the results of biological control field trials where wild mosquito populations were manipulated to suppress dengue virus transmission.

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Dr Tim Mercer

Genetic map reveals clues to degenerative disease

24 August 2011 An international research team, spearheaded by Dr Tim Mercer of the University of Queensland’s Institute for Molecular Bioscience, has unlocked the blueprints to the ‘power plants’ of the cell in an effort th...

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Drs Rosamond Siemon (left) and Caroline Hendry at Dr Hendry's graduation.

History boosts future of kidney research

When PhD student Caroline Hendry graduates from The University of Queensland (UQ) today (22 July) after spending three years researching kidney disease, it will be thanks to a generous donation from a historian with an e...

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Mirror reflects Australia-Europe science link

22 June 2011 A new national facility at The University of Queensland will boost Australian research access to the world’s leading life sciences data resource. Professor Richard Larkins, Chairman of EMBL Australia, late yesterd...

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Research collaboration to develop next-generation medicines

28 June 2011 The University of Queensland today announced two of its leading researchers have teamed with the world’s largest biopharmaceutical company to develop new peptide-based medicines for the treatment of major diseases.

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Zebrafish at the IMB

Zebrafish aid in heart gene discovery award

21 June 2011 The discovery of a new gene involved in heart development has snagged an IMB researcher a prize at the Queensland Health and Medical Research Awards. Dr Kelly Smith won the Postdoctoral Researcher Award for identifying t...

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IMB helps UQ lead the nation in ARC funding scheme

1 June 2011 A team from UQ's Institute for Molecular Bioscience led by Professors David Craik and David Fairlie has been awarded $2.45 million over three years for a project to be conducted jointly w...

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$5M for researchers to fight superbugs

23 May 2011 A new treatment for ‘superbugs' could be developed in Australia after a University of Queensland researcher receiv...

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Brisbane Rally for Research on 19 April
Professor David Craik, who was recognised in four categories at the Q-Index Awards

IMB researchers honoured at first Q-Index awards

17 May 2011 Nine IMB researchers were among 52 leading University of Queensland researchers who were honoured on Sunday as leaders in their fields of discovery at the inaugural Q-Index Awards. The Q-Index, launched late last year, pr...

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Professor Brandon Wainwright

IMB welcomes federal budget funding announcement

11 May 2011 IMB's Director, Professor Brandon Wainwright, has applauded the Federal Government's decision to increase funding for medical research in last night's budget. "I welcome the news that the Federal Government has prese...

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IMB Director Professor Brandon Wainwright has joined the heads of other institutes in protesting planned cuts in medical research funding

The future health of Australians under threat

12 April 2011 The directors of Queensland’s leading medical research institutes have joined forces to speak out against significant funding cuts to medical research foreshadowed in the upcoming Federal Budget. The National Heal...

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Dr Joshua Mylne is studying plants to determine if they can be used to grow cancer drugs

Cancer drug found hiding in sunflower seed protein

21 March 2011 IMB scientists have found sunflower proteins and their processing machinery are hijacked to make rogue protein rings in a discovery that could open the door to cheaper, plant-based drug manufacturing. Dr Joshua Mylne, w...

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Professor Alpha Yap

Cell 'glue' opens new pathways to understanding cancer

11 March 2011 Australian researchers have found a novel way in which the proteins that ‘glue’ cells together to form healthy tissues can come unstuck, opening new avenues to understanding how these proteins are disturbed in disea...

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'Junk DNA' research inspires Higher Education Journalist of the Year

3 March 2011 COSMOS journalist Elizabeth Finkel has won the Universities Australia Higher Education Journalist of the Year Award for 2011 for an article o...

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An aerial view of The University of Queensland

UQ shines at top of research rankings

1 February 2011 In a spectacular result for University of Queensland researchers, UQ is above world standard in more fields of research than any other Australian university. The Excellence in Research for Australia survey r...

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The Queensland Bioscience Precinct.

IMB open for business after floods

20 January 2011 The Institute for Molecular Bioscience is open for business from today (20/1) following serious flooding throughout Brisbane and South-East Queensland last week. There was no damage to the Queensland Bioscience Precin...

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