Dr Martin Smith, who was awarded UQ's 10,000th PhD

Perseverance pays off for UQ's 10,000th PhD

18 December 2012 Perseverance is an essential quality for any postgraduate student, but for The University of Queensland's 10,000th PhD conferral Dr Martin Smith, it led him to drive six hours through a Canadian snowstorm for the chance to m...

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Professor Matt Cooper
Dr Irina Vetter

Researchers identify nerves associated with deadly tropical disease

Researchers from The University of Queensland’s Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) have identified the nerves involved in the painful tropical disease called ciguatera.

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A/Prof Mark Smythe, founder of Protagonist

Brisbane biotech expanding in the US

 10 December 2012 A successful Brisbane biotechnology company formed by The University of Queensland’s Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) is expanding its collaboration with a publicly traded pharmaceutical company based on ...

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Dr Ligong Liu

Researchers discover that vitamin B metabolites stimulate T cells

 29 November 2012 Australian researchers have discovered that vitamin B metabolites produced by Salmonella bacteria can activate the immune system, a finding that could lead to new treatments for gut and lung dise...

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Professor Peter Koopman

Biology expert appointed to national science council

 21 November 2012 Professor Peter Koopman from The University of Queensland’s Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) has been elected to the Council of the premier national science body. The Australian Academy of Science...

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World's first Sea-quence project unites Great Barrier Reef and Red Sea scientists to help protect coral reefs from climate change

 8 November 2012 Leading researchers from Australia and Saudi Arabia, including IMB researchers, are coming together to understand the genetic makeup of corals and how they might respond to climate change. Proudly supported by R...

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Professor Glenn King. Photo by Lyndon Mechielsen, The Australian.
Professor Sean Grimmond

Unmasking the deadly secrets of pancreatic cancer

A large-scale study that defines the complexity of underlying mutations responsible for pancreatic cancers in more than 100 patients was published in Nature

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Professor Melissa Little, who was awarded over $3M for kidney research.
Dr Irina Vetter

Scientist recognised for outstanding biomedical research

 17 October 2012 An IMB researcher has been awarded a $75,000 Ramaciotti Foundation grant at a gala dinner last night in Brisbane. Dr Irina Vetter  was recognised for her outstanding biomedical research along with Dr Lata V...

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Dr Ryan Taft at the Research Excellence Awards

Hunt for genes behind rare paediatric brain disorder

06 October 2102 A University of Queensland researcher has been awarded an $85,000 grant to identify the genes that underlie rare paediatric brain disorders. Dr Ryan Taft from the Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) won a UQ Foun...

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Watch NHMRC Ten of the Best video

  Professor Brandon Wainwright at the NHMRC Ten of the Best Research Projects presentation.

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Dr Ryan Taft
IMB's Associate Professor Carol Wicking is part of an international team that has identified the genes that shape our faces

Looking at you: face genes identified

 14 September 2012 Five genes have been found to determine human facial shapes, as reported by researchers from the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia in the open-access journal PLOS Genetics. ...

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Wilko Duprez

The power of algae

 10 September 2012

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An example of Ms Underhill's art

When science is art: a different view on cancer

27 August 2012 A young artist recovering from cancer has teamed up with researchers from The University of Queensland's Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) to understand the molecular changes in her body that occurred during the disease...

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Professor Brandon Wainwright

Possible new approach to fighting chronic inflammatory disease

 30 July 2012 Researchers from The University of Queensland's Institute for Molecular Bioscience have discovered a potential new approach to treating chronic inf...

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A gac fruit

Seed genes could provide basis for affordable therapeutic drugs

26 July 2012 Queensland scientists are unlocking the benefits of a protein found in seeds of a spiky red fruit that could lead to the development of more affordable medicines made from plants.  The odd-look...

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Professor Alpha Yap

Cell glue gives insights into cancer

 July 17, 2012 University of Queensland researchers have discovered an important step in how proteins glue cells together to form healthy tissues, a process that is often disturbed in diseases such as cancer and inflammation....

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Professor Richard Lewis

UQ partners with industry for chronic pain relief

 30 June 2012 The University of Queensland and industry partner Boehringer Ingelheim International have received $1.575 million from the Australian Research Council (ARC) to investigate chronic pain relief. The three-year projec...

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Dr Joshua Mylne

Sunflower seed drug discovery earns national award

 25 June, 2012 The discovery that a cancer drug is hiding in sunflower seeds has won a UQ plant scientist a national award. Dr Joshua Mylne from UQ's Institute for Molecular Bioscience was awarded the 2012 Peter Goldacre Award b...

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Professor Elizabeth Blackburn with students.

Nobel-winning mother: Students hear how to balance science with life

22 June, 2012 Even the most driven scientists can balance their personal lives with a fascinating and inquisitive career, says Australia's first female Nobel Laureate. Professor Elizabeth Blackburn of the University of California, wh...

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Professor Ben Hankamer

Zealand Pharma and Protagonist Therapeutics Team Up for Peptide Drug Discovery and Development

Zealand Pharma’s expertise in peptide optimisation and drug development combined with Protagonist’s platform for identifying novel peptide drug candidates

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A cane toad. Photo courtesy of John Abramyan

Cannibal tadpoles provide latest weapon in war against cane toads

 13 June 2012 Chemicals used by cane toad tadpoles to seek out and destroy their comrades are being employed by researchers from two Australian universities to help eradicate the species. Professor Rick Shine from the Universi...

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Dr Beattie

IMB congratulates Dr Beattie and Prof Frazer on Queen's Birthday honours

IMB congratulates Dr Peter Beattie, AC and Professor Ian Frazer, AC, FRCPE, FRCPA, FAA, FATSE, FRS on being awarded Australia's highest honour in the Queen's Birthday Honours list: a

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Professor Matt Cooper
A sunflower

Fascination of Plants Day at IMB

To celebrate International Fascination of Plants Day on Friday May 18, UQ has organised two events, both being held at IMB. To view other events happening around Australia, please visit

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Professor Matt Cooper
Professor Mark Ragan

Exploring cancer with computers

8 May 2012 Untangling the intricacies of cancer biology using computers can identify treatment targets that wouldn’t otherwise have been considered, according to research by an Australian team. Professor Mark Ragan from UQ&rsqu...

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Professor David Fairlie

A potential new treatment for the leading cause of colon cancer

5 March 2012 A Queensland team has developed an experimental drug that could improve the treatment of the leading causes of colon cancer: inflammatory bowel diseases. Dr Rink-­‐Jan Lohman and Professor David Fairlie of UQ&r...

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Professor Glenn King

UQ collaborates to advance spider venom pain research

16 February 2012 UniQuest, The University of Queensland’s (UQ) main research commercialisation company, announced today that researchers at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) have entered into an agreement for a focused fundi...

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Cattle feeding

Industry linkage beefs up livestock nutrition

13 February 2012 University of Queensland (UQ) research into improving livestock feed has received a boost from two Australian government-funded industry engagement schemes. The Consulting and Research Division of UQ's main...

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Professor Richard Lewis is congratulated by NHMRC Chair Professor Michael Good. Image: NHMRC / Marcus Fillinger - Emulsion.

Cone snail painkillers chosen as one of the best

9 February 2012 Cone snails are not an obvious place to look for medicine’s next significant breakthrough, but this is exactly where IMB’s Professor Richard Lewis and his research team have found a promising new treatment for chr...

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A shot from the cell visualisation video

Cell video wins international award

3 February 2012 An IMB researcher has today been announced as one of the winners of an international scientific competition for a video showing the complexity of a pancreatic cell. Dr Brad Marsh and former IMB PhD student Dr Andrew N...

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Attending the Celebration of Giving reception were, from left, UQ Chancellor John Story, Dr Ros Siemon, Amanda Whelan, Andrew Stallman and Jill Stallman.

Donors support UQ's bright future

4 January 2012 More than 240 of The University of Queensland's (UQ) donors and supporters attended the Celebration of Giving reception at the end of last year to show their continued support for the University. The annual e...

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Dr Kate Schroder

Diabetes and sugarcane research at IMB receives a boost

Researchers at UQ's Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) have received over $3 million from the Queensland Government to combat diseases including type 2 diabetes and to study sugarcane soils to advance environmentally sustainable food and bioenergy production.

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