Sugarcane. ©iStock/photosoup

New bacteria to boost sustainable sugarcane farming

20 December 2013 | University of Queensland researchers have discovered a new species of bacterium that could potentially reduce the need for nitrogen fertiliser in cane farming.

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A kidney grown in a dish as seen under the microscope

Researchers grow kidney from stem cells

16 December 2013 | Professor Melissa Little and her lab have grown a kidney using stem cells, paving the way for improved treatments for patients with kidney disease.

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Hard work pays off for PhD students

Hard work pays off for PhD students

6 December 2013 | On Friday 6 December we celebrated with eight of our recently conferred PhD students as they took part in UQ's end-of-year graduation ceremony.

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Dr Zeinab Khalil

Student overcomes revolution and floods to earn PhD

6 December 2013 | Political upheaval in her home country and devastating floods at her Ipswich apartment could not stop Dr Zeinab Khalil from graduating with a PhD in molecular bioscience and microbiology on Friday, 6 December.

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Dr Robert Reid

New technique offers potential for more affordable drugs

5 December 2013 | University of Queensland researchers have pioneered a drug development technique that could pave the way for a new class of low-cost medicines.

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Dr Kate Schroder with Queensland Minister for Science, IT, Innovation and the Arts the Hon. Ian Walker MP

Researchers bloom at Tall Poppy Awards

21 November 2013 | IMB researchers studying how the body fights infection and how venoms can ease pain have been named among Queensland’s best and brightest young scientists at the 2013 Tall Poppy Awards.

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Associate Professor Carol Wicking

Key genes discovered behind Jeune Syndrome

13 November 2013 | Scientists from The University of Queensland’s Diamantina Institute (UQDI) and Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) have identified three new genes behind Jeune Syndrome, a devastating inherited disease in which severe bone deformities lead to profound breathing difficulties and usually early death.

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New clues to aggressive breast cancer

12 November 2013 | Queensland scientists have identified a genetic “switch” which indicates whether a woman’s breast cancer will spread.

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Professor Matt Cooper

How zinc starves lethal bacteria to stop infection

11 November 2013 | Australian researchers have found that zinc can ‘starve’ one of the world’s most deadly microbes by preventing its uptake of an essential metal.

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Macrophages ingesting latex beads.

IMB researchers to investigate if cholesterol affects the immune system

8 November 2013 | IMB researchers have been awarded four grants and three fellowships worth $3.2 million from the Australian Research Council for projects including determining the effect of cholesterol on the immune system.

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Professor David Fairlie will collaborate with QIMR Berghofer and Emory University on developing a drug to treat a highly resistant form of breast cancer.

Queensland, Emory research alliance targets cancer treatments

7 November 2013 | A collaborative research project aimed at discovering a drug to treat a highly resistant form of breast cancer is one of two projects given the green light by the Queensland Emory Development (QED) Alliance.

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Jacky Hung with the Green Labs award for Best New Area.

Environment the biggest winner at UQ 'green' awards

4 November 2013 | IMB staff members have been recognised as being among The University of Queensland's most environmentally aware at the annual Green Program Awards.

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Professor Rob Parton (left) and Professor Matt Cooper will receive Excellence Awards from the National Health and Medical Research Council.

UQ research ranked among Australia's best

1 November 2013 | Research projects exploring how cells migrate and developing improved treatments for drug-resistant tuberculosis have been recognised as some of the best in the country by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

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Professor Brandon Wainwright

Study reveals genes behind brain tumours

29 October 2013 | A team of researchers has pinpointed a handful of genes that could drive the formation of medulloblastoma, the most aggressive and frequent form of brain tumour found in children.

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Professor Melissa Little

Researchers receive funding to build a better kidney

23 October 2013 | IMB researchers were awarded a total of 13 grants worth $8.8 million and 8 fellowships by the National Health and Medical Research Council.

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Parents of newborns with a variation of sexual development are among those who will benefit from a new website.

Researchers explain the science of sex

17 October 2013 | It’s one of the most common inherited conditions that until recently was shrouded in secrecy and sometimes shame, but researchers hope a new community resource will help improve understanding of Disorders of Sexual Development (DSD).

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Beverley Trivett, founder of The John Trivett Foundation

Neurosurgeon, philanthropist team up for a cure

15 October 2013 | Dr Sarah Olson has teamed with businesswoman and philanthropist Beverley Trivett to raise funds for brain tumour research at The University of Queensland.

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An Australian tarantula.

Spider venom helps pets fight parasites

11 October 2013 | A University of Queensland researcher is hoping to deploy treatments from spider venom to protect pets against parasites.

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PhD student Eivind Undheim from the King lab with a centipede.

Centipede venom component could treat pain

1 October 2013 | Australian and Chinese researchers have identified a molecule in centipede venom with the potential to be developed into a painkiller as effective as morphine.

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Stephen Damiani (left) with Dr Ryan Taft

Rare disease champion recognised by IMB

27 September 2013 | A father who has gone out of this world to find a treatment for his son’s illness was today awarded the inaugural IMB Champion Award.

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Associate Professor Mark Smythe

UQ spin-out expands investment round to $18M

20 September 2013 | UQ spin-out company Protagonist Therapeutics has raised an additional $4 million of venture capital funding, taking its total raised from Series B private financing to $18 million.

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Professor David Fairlie

IMB researcher named one of UQ's top inventors

19 September 2013 | Professor David Fairlie was last night named one of UQ's inaugural Top Five Inventors at an awards ceremony celebrating researchers who delivered significant outcomes for the global community.

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Dr Lachlan Coin and Dr Kate Schroder at the 2013 UQ Research Excellence Awards

Awards recognise UQ's rising stars of research

18 September 2013 | Two IMB researchers were part of a group celebrated at a University of Queensland awards ceremony last night.

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An Australian tarantula from the King lab.

Spider venom to target insect pests

12 September 2013 | University of Queensland (UQ) researchers have found a natural component of Australian tarantula venom that is more potent against certain insect pests than existing chemical insecticides.

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Professor Peter Koopman

Unravelling the secrets of maleness

6 September 2013 | New research has identified the key to becoming male is an enzyme that “unravels” DNA to trigger male development of the embryo, a discovery that may give greater insight into intersex disorders.

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Professor Alpha Yap, winner of the 2013 ANZSCDB President's Medal

Cell 'glue' research awarded

5 September 2013 | A University of Queensland scientist has been awarded the prestigious Australia and New Zealand Society for Cell and Developmental Biology President’s Medal.

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Dr Melanie Shakespear with husband David and daughter Delilah.

Science a family affair for new UQ graduate

3 September 2013 | Dr Melanie Shakespear faced more than the usual postgraduate challenges when completing her PhD at The University of Queensland after she fell pregnant while writing up her thesis.

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Photo credit: iStockphoto.

IMB spin-out in $6.5M ASX listing to develop topical acne treatment

2 September 2013 | Telesso Technologies Limited (ASX: TEO) today launched a $6.5 million capital raising in connection with its acquisition of IMB spin-out company Mimetica and its relisting on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

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New drug lead shows promise as potential treatment for obesity

23 August 2013 | Scientists from The University of Queensland have discovered a new compound that prevents rats on a high-fat, high-sugar diet from becoming obese.

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Marga Gual Soler outside the United Nations in New York.

From the lab bench to the UN

21 August 2013 | IMB PhD student Marga Gual Soler shares insights from her time as an intern at the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs

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Aerial view of The University of Queensland

The University of Queensland improves high global ranking

15 August 2013 | UQ has improved its position in the top 100 Academic Rankings of World Universities (ARWU) for 2013, announced today.

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Professor Sean Grimmond

International team reveals 21 ‘signatures’ in 30 common cancers

15 August 2013 | An international team, including scientists from The University of Queensland and the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, has described the mutational processes that drive tumour development in 30 of the most common cancer types.

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Ms Amber Williamson, kidney disease advocate, Professor Melissa Little and Minister the Hon. Ian Walker MP.

Cells with an 'identity crisis' offer hope for kidney disease

13 August 2013 | Queensland researchers are convincing tissue cells that they’re actually kidney cells in a project that may lead to new therapies for renal disease.

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Dr Michael Landsberg with the bacterial toxin structure.

Bacterial toxins provide new weapon in fight against insects

5 August 2013 | A team of Australian and New Zealand researchers are harnessing bacteria as a possible new bioinsecticide to control crop pests.

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Dr Evan Stephens at an algae pond at the Solar Biofuels Research Centre

Aussie algae fuel green oil hope

24 July 2013 | Newly trialled native algae species provide real hope for the development of commercially viable fuels from algae, a University of Queensland scientist has found.

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UQ Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Max Lu (pictured left) and IMB Director Professor Brandon Wainwright (pictured right) with Fudan University research experience students.

Students benefit from global research connections

23 July 2013 | UQ will host 23 undergraduate science and biomedical students from China’s Fudan University this month.

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Attendees at the 2013 Winter School in Mathematical and Computational Biology

Computational biology Winter School prepares researchers for bioinformatics revolution

 18 July 2013 Nearly 300 people from academia and industry gathered at The University of Queensland’s Institute for Molecular Bioscience in July to learn how data can be used to achieve medical and other research breakthroughs at ...

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Protagonist Therapeutics Inc. founder Associate Professor Mark Smythe (right) with team members Greg Bourne (centre) and Craig Murphy (left)

Brisbane biotech secures $14M for drug discovery

11 July 2013 Protagonist Therapeutics Inc. has secured $14 million in venture financing from new investor Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation and existing investors Lilly Ventures and Starfish Ventures (Melbourne, Australia).

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Marga Gual Soler

IMB student blogs about life at the UN

30 June 2013 Scientist Without Borders: Marga Gual Soler joins us at Real Scientists

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IMB links with industry to develop new insecticides and pain treatments

28 June 2013 Researchers at UQ's Institute for Molecular Bioscience have been awarded five grants worth $2.4 million to work with industry on projects such as developing eco-friendly insesticides for crops and treatments for pain from spider venom.

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PhD students Elanor Wainwright (top) and Kathryn McClelland (bottom)

Budding IMB life scientists join world’s best at prestigious US courses

19 June 2013 Two postgraduate students from The University of Queensland’s Institute for Molecular Bioscience will learn from some of the world’s best scientific minds after securing places at prestigious US laboratories.

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IMB Undergraduate Research Scholarship recipient, Emily Furlong

Chemistry student has formula for success

Emily Furlong of Manly West will be working alongside some of Queensland’s best scientists on antibiotic-resistance projects.

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Professor Melissa Little (left) with lab members and coauthors Jessica Vanslambrouck and Minoru Takasato

Research reprograms future of kidney health

14 June 2013 UQ researchers have reprogrammed adult kidney cells to act as stem cells to repair damaged kidneys.

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Dr Brett Collins (centre) and his lab

NHMRC funds UQ dementia discovery research

10 June 2013 Minister for Health Tanya Plibersek and Minister for Mental Health and Ageing Mark Butler have announced funding to support six new dementia research projects.

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Legionella bacteria. Image credit: Darren Brown and Nathan King.

UQ scientists lead the search for better legionella treatments

8 June 2013 Scientists at UQ's Institute for Molecular Bioscience are leading the way in seeking new drugs to give medical experts better ways of preventing infection by legionella bacteria and treating legionnaires' disease.

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Journal of Cell Biology celebrates Professor Alpha Yap

27 May 2013 IMB’s Molecular Cell Biology Division Head, Professor Alpha Yap, features in the latest edition of leading international scientific publication, The Journal of Cell Biology.

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Cancer researchers raise their cups for a cure

16 May 2013 UPDATE: IMB was proud to help raise almost $500 at it's first Australia's Biggest Morning Tea on 23 May in support of Cancer Council Queensland. Every day, scientists at The University of Queensland&rsquo...

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Ms Cecilia Prator came to IMB on a Fulbright Scholarship.

Fulbright scholar bitten by science bug

14 May 2013 While most people run as far away as possible from spiders, US biology graduate Cecilia Prator travelled to the other side of the world to find them. Ms Prator joined The University of Queensland’s Institute for Mol...

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The University of Queensland has been ranked 22nd in the world for biological sciences

UQ achieves world rankings for biological sciences and chemistry

 8 May 2013 The University of Queensland (UQ) has been ranked in the top 25 in the world for biological sciences and the top 100 in the world for chemistry in the latest QS World University Subject Rankings. Institute for Molecu...

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Dr Ryan Taft
Nikolas Wang.

Toowoomba student studies pain relief potential in venomous snails

2 May 2013 A Toowoomba student spent his summer holidays helping to develop drugs to combat pain from cone snail venom at The University of Queensland’s Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB).

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Annabelle Caspersz.

Student investigates social networking of Neandertals

2 May 2013 Wollongong resident and third-year medical biotechnology student Annabelle Caspersz spent her Christmas holidays studying Neandertal DNA in a summer research project at The University of Queensland.

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Algal bioreactors at the Solar Biofuels Research Centre.

Algae to fuel a renewable future

 9 April 2013 Premier Campbell Newman will progress Queensland research into renewable energy when he today (Tuesday 9 April) opens an advanced solar biofuels pilot plant designed to develop microalgae-based systems as a source of clean...

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Professor David Craik FAA

IMB researcher recognised as one of Australia's best

27 March 2013 A scientist whose research into a new type of molecule may lead to improved treatments for pain and other diseases has been recognised for his outstanding contributions to...

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IMB student Marga Gual Soler at the United Nations in New York.

UN curious to learn from UQ student

 25 March 2013 A University of Queensland (UQ) PhD student has been selected from more than 10,000 applicants to undertake a three-month traineeship with the United Nations in New York. Institute for M...

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Professor George Muscat

$5M breast cancer study uncovers new treatment targets

 7 January 2013 Australian researchers have identified new markers and treatment targets for women with breast cancer in a $5 million study funded by the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Breast cancer is the most common invasi...

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