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QFAB Bioinformatics (QFAB) provides bioinformatics and biostatistics services for life science researchers to integrate, analyse and manage large-scale genomics, proteomics, field and clinical datasets.

In 2013, QFAB undertook 58 projects for clients from industry, universities, medical research institutes, and government departments.

Some of these projects included assisting with a retrospective genomic analysis and real-world evaluation of clinical features of oral malignant disorders and oral epithelial dysplasia; developing a cancer genomics data linkage software application; and creating a dynamic omics data visualisation and interaction toolbox.

QFAB’s support services range from experimental design, data capture and mining, through to genomics, proteomics and metabolomics analyses, and data visualisation. They are also experts in cross-domain integration of multiple data types, including linkage to clinical data.

QFAB provides a fast and flexible service operating on a fee-for-service basis. QFAB’s training division provides integrated workshops through to customised solutions in all areas of bioinformatics and experimental design.

QFAB combines two critical infrastructure platforms linking leading software packages and data repositories with a web service workflow engine and visualisation technology deployed in a scalable, high-performance computational environment. This enables investigations across the biological continuum from systems and chemi-biology perspectives.

QFAB was established in 2007 and is a collaboration between UQ, QUT, Griffith University, and the Queensland Government’s Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.

Facility contacts

QFAB Bioinformatics
Level 6, Queensland Bioscience Precinct
The University of Queensland
306 Carmody Road
St Lucia QLD 4072

P +61 (0)7 3346 2604
F +61 (0)7 3346 2101
E contact@qfab.org - General enquiries
E support@qfab.org - Technical enquiries

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