Members of the BRAEMBL team
Members of the BRAEMBL team

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BRAEMBL, which is hosted by IMB at The University of Queensland, provides access to EMBL’s European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) databases and services.

BRAEMBL provides Australian bioinformatics users with an extensive set of data analysis tools and databases and the computer power required to run larger-scale analyses.

BRAEMBL makes EBI’s most-used data services freely available online to the Australian and international community. The data resources include public-domain genome, DNA and protein sequences; and protein structures and integrated data services for medical and agricultural sciences, biodiversity and biotechnology. Novel datasets and related capabilities, including integrated data services, most of which have been developed in Australia, are continually being added.

BRAEMBL’s newly established Data Integration team are charged to help Australian scientists with the fiddly and burdensome task of submitting their data into the global collection rapidly and at high quality. Our aim is to ensure data is submitted to the highest community standards and in so doing, increase utility of these data to the international research community.

The Data Integration team can assist Australian researchers with handling and collating experimental metadata; submission of array and NGS data to public repositories (including reads, assemblies and annotations); downstream analyses including the EBI Metagenomics Pipeline and the Ensembl Genebuild pipeline; batch submission of large datasets; and other EBI services as required.

Summary of BRAEMBL’s main services:

  • Bioinformatics support
  • Data integration services
  • Free online biological data
  • Training and support.

BRAEMBL was established in 2011 with the support of the Australian Government.

Facility contacts

Level 6, Queensland Bioscience Precinct
The University of Queensland
St Lucia Qld 4072
Australia — Data submission enquiries
E — Technical enquiries

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