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The Cell Biology Forum is a weekly event for all scientists interested in cellular and molecular biology in Brisbane. Seminars are presented by postdocs and students from the Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) and wider UQ community, as well as occasional special seminars from external speakers. They are held every Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. in the Large Seminar Room (3.134) of the Queensland Bioscience Precinct (Building 80).

If you would like further information or would like to be included on the email reminder list please contact Dr. Brett Collins.

1= Student confirmation talks - Milestone 1

2= Student second-year talks - Milestone 2

3= Student completion talks - Milestone 3

PD= Postdoc talk 

20 Jeremy Yeo (Stow)
27 Room booked for 2 day CSIRO meeting

6 Tom Hall (Parton)PD
13 Markus Kerr (Teasdale)PD
20 No Forum - Hunter Cell Biology Meeting
27 Thomas Clairfeuille (Collins)1
Loes Stevers (Alexandrov)

3 Rashmi Priya (Yap)2
10 Melissa Little (IMB)
17 Xiaying Qi (Teasdale)2
24 Dejan Gagoski (Alexandrov)1

1 Nathan King (Stow)PD
8 Joanne Leerburg (Yap)Completion
15 Natasha Chaudhary (Parton)3
22 Selwin Wu (Yap)3
29 Oleksiy Kovtun (Collins)PD

5 Harriet Lo (Parton)PD
12 Linda Parsons (Peter Mac) – Chair Jenny Stow.
19 Caroline Nelson (Waters)PD
26 Doris Berchtold (Parton)PD

3 No Forum - room not available (Winter School)
10 Magdalene Michael (Yap)PD
17 Forum held at SBMS – Thorn lab hosting
24 Masuda Nabi (Alexandrov)1
Marga Gual Soler (Stow)Completion
31 Maaike Pols (Parton)PD

7 Yash Chhabra (Waters)3
14 No Forum - EKKA Public Holiday
21 Andrea Bugarcic (Teasdale)PD
28 Guillermo Gomez (Yap)PD

4 Lin Luo (Stow)PD
11 Sergei Mureev (Alexandrov)PD
18 Michele Bastiani (Parton)PD
25 Adam Wall (Stow)PD

2 No Forum - Combio Meeting)
9 Zhenling Cui (Alexandrov)1
Xuan Liang (Yap)1
16 Wei Xuan Teo (Teasdale)1
23 Kerrie-Ann McMahon (Parton)PD
30 Wayne Johnston (Alexandrov)PD
Zhong Guo (Alexandrov)PD

6 Room not available. Tentatively booked 6.104.
13 Yang Zhe (Teasdale)PD
Caroline Mas (Collins)PD
20 Nick Ariotti (Parton)PD
27 Srikanth Budnar (Yap)PD

4 Jordan Follett (Teasdale)2

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