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Research divisions and group leaders

IMB fosters a collaborative scientific environment where researchers from different fields and divisions come together to share their experience and expertise to advance the Institute's strategic research programs.

 Research priorities

Research priorities 

IMB’s multidisciplinary research programs focus on advancing medical genomics, drug discovery and biotechnology to improve the health of our community.

Research centres and breakthrough programs

IMB's new centres and breakthrough programs focus on our research strengths. 


Research support facilities

IMB scientists have on-site access to a range of leading technologies and facilities allowing them to conduct faster, more comprehensive research.


Meet our Fellows

IMB's Fellows are supported by a range of competitive fellowships awarded by government agencies and the university.



IMB has built a strong discovery pipeline to ensure its research is translated into commercial outcomes of benefit to the health and prosperity of our community.



IMB is a globally recognised research institute with a strong network of collaborators and alumni around the world. IMB's scientific impact continues to grow, helping to solve some of the greatest challenges facing our community.



IMB researchers do great science every day, and awards play an important role in publicly acknowledging our scientific excellence within the research community and beyond.

 Grant performance

Grants performance 

Competitive grant funding represented more than 60 per cent of IMB's total income in 2012, reflecting the high quality and scientific importance of our research.

Scientific engagement 

Scientific engagement 

IMB's researchers play an active role within Australia's scientific and medical research communities here and abroad. 

IMB's Early Career Researcher committee 

Early career researchers/postdocs 

Information and useful links for researchers in the early to mid phases of their careers.

Women in science at IMB 

Women in science at IMB

How the IMB is working to address gender-specific obstacles to career progression.

Angstrom Art 

Ångström Art collection

IMB's Ångström Art collection features stunning scientific images and explores the artists/scientists and their research behind the image.

Research section

Research centres

IMB's four research centres are focused around our major research strengths.


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