<b>Dr Joseph Powell</b><br>
Group Leader, Genomics of Development and Disease Division, IMB<br>
Joint appointment, Queensland Brain Institute<p>
P: +61 7 3346 2611<br>
E: joseph.powell@uq.edu.au<p>
- single cell sequencing<br>
- functional genomics<br>
- transcriptomics<br>
- RNA<br>
- sequencing<br>
- population genetics<br>
- medical genomics<br>
Dr Joseph Powell
Group Leader, Genomics of Development and Disease Division, IMB
Joint appointment, Queensland Brain Institute

P: +61 7 3346 2611
E: joseph.powell@uq.edu.au

- single cell sequencing
- functional genomics
- transcriptomics
- sequencing
- population genetics
- medical genomics

Single cell and computational genomics

The Single Cell and Computational Genomics Lab focuses on identifying how DNA sequence variants contribute to human disease. Our research involves the use of large-scale transcriptomic and DNA sequence data from both bulk tissues and single cells. By applying computational and statistical methods to this data, we aim to identify the functional mechanisms by which genetic variants contribute to disease susceptibility at a cellular level. We approach this from three related angles: What are the differences in genetic control of transcription between cell types? How does the effect of genetic variation change under different cell environmental conditions? Does the mechanism of a disease-causing genetic variant become ‘active’ at a specific point in cell developmental lineage?

Our group is committed to reproducible research practices, and where possible makes all code open-source and data publically available.

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Research training opportunities

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Key publications

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Group contacts

Dr Sam Lukowski
Postdoctoral researcher
+61 7 334 62611
Ms Anne Senabouth
+61 7 334 62611
 Ms Jenny Qiao
PhD student
+61 7 334 62611
Dr Emily Wong
Postdoctoral researcher
+61 7 334 62394
Ms Rebecca Lim
Research assistant
+61 7 334 62358
Ms Chloe Yap
Summer student and research assistant
+61 7 334 62606
Dr Quan Nguyen
Postdoctoral researcher
+61 7 334 62394
Ms Anita Goldinger
PhD student

Ms Riddhima Mater
Summer student
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