IMB Fellows are supported by a range of competitive fellowship schemes awarded by the ARC, NHMRC, and UQ.

Thanks to the support of these organisations, our Fellows are able to undertake research that is recognised as some of the best in their respective fields, and that has the potential to benefit global scientific progress and improve the health of all Australians.

Total competitive fellowships held in 2013:

  • 1 ARC Australian Laureate Fellowship
  • 1 ARC Discovery Outstanding Researcher Award (DORA)
  • 7 ARC Future Fellowships
  • 5 ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards (DECRA)
  • 2 NHMRC Australia Fellowships
  • 11 NHMRC Research Fellowships
  • 1 NHMRC Career Development Fellowship
  • 4 NHMRC Early Career Fellowships
  • 1 Queensland Smart Futures Fellowship.

Fellowships commencing in 2013:

  • 1 ARC DORA totalling $545,958
  • 1 ARC Future Fellow totalling $755,320
  • 1 ARC DECRA totalling $375,000
  • 5 NHMRC Research Fellows totalling $3,544,078.

Featured Fellow

Professor Jenny Martin


Professor Jenny Martin
ARC Laureate Fellow

Professor Martin received an ARC Laureate Fellowship to develop a new class of antibacterial drugs that may avoid the problems of antibiotic resistance. 

Antibiotics were one of medicine's most significant breakthroughs, but their usefulness has been undermined as bacteria develop resistance to them. 

Bacteria develop resistance because antibiotics work by killing most bacteria, leaving only the resistant bacteria alive. 

Professor Martin's research will address this by developing compounds that won't kill bacteria, but rather will inactivate a specific bacterial machinery responsible for causing disease.

Learn more about Professor Martin's research at her lab webpage.

NHMRC Research Fellows

NHMRC Research Fellowships provide support for experienced researchers to undertake research that is of major importance in its field and of significant benefit to Australian health and medical research.

Professor Matt Cooper Professor David Craik Professor David Fairlie
Professor Matt Cooper  Professor David Craik  Professor David Fairlie
 Professor Sean Grimmond  Professor Glenn King Professor Peter Koopman 
Professor Sean Grimmond  Professor Glenn King  Professor Peter Koopman
 Professor Richard Lewis Professor Melissa Little   Professor George Muscat
 Professor Richard Lewis Professor Melissa Little  Professor George Muscat
 Professor Rob Parton Professor Jenny Stow   Professor Rick Sturm
Professor Rob Parton  Professor Jennifer Stow Associate Professor Rick Sturm  
 Associate Professor Rohan Teasdale Professor Mike Waters  Professor Alpha Yap 
Associate Professor Rohan Teasdale   Professor Mike Waters Professor Alpha Yap 

ARC Discovery Outstanding Researcher Award

ARC DORAs provide opportunities for mid to late career research-only, and teaching and research academics. Selection is based on the need of the project in addition to the excellence of the researcher.

Professor Ben Hankamer
Professor Ben Hankamer


ARC Future Fellows

Future Fellowships promote research in areas of critical national importance by giving outstanding researchers incentives to conduct their research in Australia. The aim of Future Fellowships is to attract and retain the best and brightest mid-career researchers.

Dr Lachlan Coin Dr Brett Collins  Dr Yann Gambin
Associate Professor Lachlan Coin Dr Brett Collins Dr Yann Gambin
 Dr Ben Hogan Dr Kate Schroder Dr Kelly Smith
Dr Ben Hogan Dr Kate Schroder Dr Kelly Smith
Associate Professor Matt Sweet  Dr Irina Vetter  
Dr Matt Sweet  Dr Irina Vetter  

Vice-Chancellor's Senior Research Fellowship

Associate Professor Carol Wicking
Associate Professor Carol Wicking

ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards

The Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards provide more focused support for researchers and create more opportunities for early-career researchers in both teaching and research, and research-only positions.

 Michelle Bastiani Dr Sonia Henriques  
Michelle Bastiani  Sonia Henriques  
 Ronan Kapetanovic Dr Markus Kerr  
 Ronan Kapetanovic Dr Markus Kerr  
Dr Ryan Taft    
Dr Ryan Taft    

NHMRC Career Development Award

Career Development Fellowships aim to develop Australian health and medical early to mid-career researchers so they establish themselves as independent, self-directed researchers and help build Australia’s capacity for research in all fields of health and medical research.

Dr Mat Francois
Dr Mat Francois

 NHMRC Training Fellowship

Evelyne Deplazes  Dr Joakim Swedberg   
Dr Evelyne Deplazes Dr Joakim Swedberg  

UQ Postdoctoral Research Fellowship for Women

Dr Maggie Hardy     
Dr Maggie Hardy    

 Fonds de recherche du Québec - Santé (FRSQ) Postdoctoral Fellowship

Dr Dave Boucher




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