<b>Dr Nick Hamilton</b><br>
IMB Biomathematician, Genomics of Development and Disease Division<br>
Investigator, Centre for Rare Diseases Research<p>
P: +61 7 3346 2033<br>
E: n.hamilton@imb.uq.edu.au<p>
- pathogen invasion<br>
- cancer cell biology<br>
- developmental disorders
Dr Nick Hamilton
IMB Biomathematician, Genomics of Development and Disease Division
Investigator, Centre for Rare Diseases Research

P: +61 7 3346 2033
E: n.hamilton@imb.uq.edu.au

- pathogen invasion
- cancer cell biology
- developmental disorders

IMB Biomathematician

IMB’s Biomathematician provides expert advice and support to help UQ life scientists get the most out of their biological data and complex digital imaging.

New technologies, especially advanced microscopic imaging and genomic facilities, have given biologists access to unprecedented amounts of data in a range of formats and sizes. Biomathematics applies advanced mathematical methods and analyses to help biologists make sense of this complex information in a quantitative way.

Established in 2014, the core role of IMB’s Biomathematician – held by Dr Nick Hamilton, in a coappointment with UQ’s Research Computing Centre (RCC) – ensures the Institute’s researchers can leverage the power of mathematics to provide deeper and more sophisticated analyses of experiments and the data they generate. The position will also significantly extends the range and strength of conclusions that can be drawn from basic research, and ultimately, will help IMB scientists to take their research to the next level.

As IMB’s Biomathematician, Dr Hamilton provides UQ researchers with advice, consultation services, training and expertise in areas such as mathematics, bioimage analysis, quantification, modelling, analysis pipelines, data visualisation and computational methods. He also facilitates the use of RCC resources, including high-performance computing, data visualisation, workflow methodologies, training and seminars within IMB.

Dr Hamilton collaborates with researchers on grant applications, contributes to publications, enables cross-discipline collaborations between research groups, adds value and impact to IMB research, and extends the range of what is possible to extract and conclude from the large datasets available to researchers today.

About Dr Nick Hamilton 

Dr Nick Hamilton trained as a mathematician at the University of Western Australia and has held research positions in mathematics, computer science and computational biology in Australia and overseas. He has been affiliated with IMB for 10 years, where he has been the approachable, friendly face of mathematics, having extensively consulted, collaborated and provided expert advice to most IMB researchers and their projects, which span the Institute’s research priority areas of medical genomics, drug discovery and biotechnology.

Key publications

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Lefevre, J., Marshall, D. J., Combes, A. N., Ju, A. L., Little, M. H. and Hamilton, N. A. (2013) Modelling cell turnover in a complex tissue during development. Journal of Theoretical Biology 338 : 66-79.

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Lab contacts

Dr Nick Hamilton
IMB Biomathematician
+61 7 334 62033
Dr James Lefevre
Research staff
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