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The Division of Chemistry and Structural Biology within the IMB runs a fortnightly "Protein Biology and Biochemistry Forum" as a gathering for postgraduates, postdocs, laboratory heads and invited guests to present their research in protein biology, structural biology and biochemistry. It is not a closed meeting and is open to researchers from all of UQ as well as other universities.

The forum will typically be modestly catered by local biotech companies. The 2012 regular forum dates are 14 Mar, 28 Mar, 11 Apr, (Tues) 24 Apr, 9 May, 23 May, 6 Jun, 20 Jun, 4 Jul, 18 Jul, 1 Aug, (Tues) 14 Aug, 29 Aug, 12 Sep, 26 Sep, 10 Oct, 24 Oct, (Tues) 6 Nov, 21 Nov & 5 Dec.

These meetings are usually on Wednesday and will start at 3:30pm sharp and run until 4:30pm.

The regular forums are held on Level 3 of the IMB (Room 3.142). For those without IMB security access, enter via the ramp entrance to IMB to the right of the palm-lined walkway from Chancellor's Place. Alternatively, go down the palm-lined walkway to reception, who will direct you to room 3.142.

Special forums will also be announced in weekly IMB seminar notices and directly to those on the PBB Forum mailing list.

If you would like to receive email notification of the regular meeting or special seminars upcoming, please click here.

  If you have any other queries, please contact the PBB Forum convenor, Josh Mylne, at

Queensland Protein Group Mini-Symposium (9 August 2012):

A mini-symposium organised by Queensland Protein Group committee members Andrew Whitten and Michael Landsberg, will be hosted at IMB on Thursday afternoon 9 August 2012. The program begins with a lecture by Prof. Ian Wilson, current Director of the Joint Center for Structural Genomics and a Fellow of the Royal Society of London. Also speaking will be Dr Michelle Christie: the early career researcher chosen by the Queensland Protein Group to speak at the ECR session at ComBio2012 in Adelaide. Download QPG mini-symposium flyer here.

Thursday 9 August 1:30pm Ian Wilson (Scripps Institute, USA) "High-throughput structural biology"; 2:30pm Michelle Christie (SCMB, UQ) "An open and shut case: Characterising Munc18-Syntaxin interactions"; 2:50pm Xing Yu (Institute for Glycomics, Griffith University) “Elucidation of rotavirus recognition of carbohydrates”; 3:10pm Simon de Veer (IHBI, QUT) “Seeding drug discovery: engineered inhibitors for skin proteases"”; 3.30-4:00pm afternoon tea. Download QBP mini-symposium flyer here.

Past and Future PBB Seminars include:

Wednesday 14 March 3:30pm: Fabian Kurth "Structure, function and inhibition of Dsb proteins from pathogenic enterobacteriaceae"

Friday 16 March (special) 11:15am: Uru Malik "The science and business of novel therapeutics"

Wednesday 28 March 3:30pm: Angeline Chan "Engineering and discovery of bioactive disulfide-rich peptides"; Idris Mohammed of Scientifix "Analyse the function of your specific protein using ProteoTuner Systems in living cells"; Daniel Clayton "Chemical synthesis of mechanosensitive ion channels"

Tuesday 3 April 3:00pm (special): Basar Oku "Novel cyclotide genes and their processing mechanisms"

Wednesday 11 April 3:30pm: Juliane Wolf "Towards high-tech algae farms - optimising biomass production", Tracey Zhang of PLP "Solutions for Protein Analysis", Xinyang Jia "Analysis of the hnRNPLL RRM1 domain and 4MDPA dimer - a new lanthanide binding tag for protein NMR spectroscopy", Aurelie Chanson "The DNA binding face of VRN1 revealed"

Tuesday 24 April 3:30pm: David Morgenstern "The biologic of venom complexity"; Vicki Howlett of GE "GE Healthcare Life Science Research Updates", Róisín McMahon “T cells that get on your nerves”

Wednesday, 2 May 2012 11.00am (special) Max Muehlig-Versen “Using GENEART to speed up the evolution of your protein” 

Wednesday, 9 May 3.30pm: Tunjung Mahatmanto “The Evolution of Momordica Knottins and its Implication in Drug Design”, Julia Archbold “GPCRs across the Tasman (and the membrane!)” 

Wednesday, 23 May 2012 3.30pm: Evelyne Deplazes “Structural investigation of mechanosensitve ion channels using experimental data and coarse grained MD simulations”, Donaghy Morgan of Lonza "Lonza - from cells to agarose - covering your complete workflow", Emily Wong “Unravelling the mystery of monotreme venom using an integrated 'omics apporach”, Mehdi Mobli “Molecular details of the interaction between bacterial RNA polymerase and the essential transcription elongation factor (NusA) in solution”

Wednesday, 6 June 2012 3.30pm: Sandy Pineda Gonzalez “Probing the genetic mechanisms used to generate chemical diversity in the venom of the Australian funnel-web spider Hadronyche infensa”, Peter Regan of Kinesis “TSKgel STAT columns - novel IEX columns for fast, high-resolution chromatography of bio-molecules”, Grischa Meyer “Proteins are 'alive' - exemplified by a study of the immune system recognition mechanism”

Friday, 15 June 3.30pm (special): Damien Hall (University of Tsukuba, Japan) “The how and why of amyloid purification and characterisation”

Wednesday, 20 June 3.30pm: Patricia Walden “Wolbachia: a story of sex-modification and survival”, Peter Regan of Kinesis “Detection of Protein Heterogeneity by HPLC”, Josh Mylne “Cyclic peptides arising by biosynthetic parallel evolution”

Wednesday, 4 July 3.30pm: Richard Clark “Understanding the structure/activity relationships of the iron regulatory hormone hepcidin”, Peter Regan of Kinesis “Rapid Desalting and Enrichment of Proteins and Peptides”, Johan Rosengren “Structural roles of conserved residues in mouse alpha defensins”  

Wednesday, 18 July 3.30pm:  Aaron Poth “Proteomics as a path to discovery and characterisation of cyclic peptides”, Natalie Bloch of Bio-Strategy “Bio-Strategy, delivering technology for research”, Caroline Mas “The C terminal tail of FADD is Intrinsically Disordered: Structural and Functional Characterisation”, Tina Schroeder “Allosteric disulfide bonds and self-association of VWF”

Wednesday, 1 August 3.30pm: Carus Lau “Relieving pain by targeting the voltage sensor of voltage-gated ion channels”; Natalie Judge of Life Tech “GeneArt Tools to build your next breakthrough”; Sónia Henriques “Importance of the cell membrane on the mechanism of action of cyclotides”

Tuesday, 14 August 3.30pm: Andrew Whitten "The weak complex between RhoGAP protein ARHGAP22 and signal regulatory protein 14-3-3"; Lindsay Brown "Foods as medicines"

Wednesday, 29 August 3.30pm: Emily Knauth “Structural Biology of Light Capture”; Kelly Laviolette of Pall “Pall Life Sciences Centrifugal Devices”; Ian Ross “Trawling for targets: SPA and CAD2”; Maurizio Chioccioli “Comparison of flow cytometry and optical density methods for algal biomass estimation in small volume cultures”

Wednesday, 12 September 3.30pm: Alysha Elliott “A New Class of Seed Peptides”; Brett Hamilton “Some different applications of Imaging Mass Spectrometry”

Wednesday, 26 September 3.30pm: Rilei Yu “Molecular Modelling and Drug Design of alpha-Conotoxins with Therapeutic Applications”; Ann-Marie Mandile of GRACE “New! Vydac 150HC High Capacity Peptide Purification Media”; Philip Brewer “The novel strigolactone plant hormone: structure, biosynthesis and receptor”

Wednesday, 10 October 3.30pm: Paola Ojeda “Chlorotoxin as a natural scaffold for the development of drugs for Alzheimer’s disease”; Vicki Howlett of GE “AKTA Pure Protein purification your way”; Charlotte Dsouza “Structure activity relationships and development of cyclotides as pharmaceutical templates

Wednesday, 24 October 3.30pm: Gisela Jakob “TBA”; Dane Carlsson of Merck Millipore “Goodbye, Bradford Assays! Drive your research forward with IR-based quantitation”; Alpesh Malde “Validating protein:ligand X-ray crystal structures in the PDB”

Tuesday, 6 November 3.30pm (NOTE: room 6.104): David Poger “Sterols and sterol-like lipids: when same is different”; Zhong Guo “Subunit organisation of in vitro reconstituted multisubunit tethering complexes HOPS/CORVET”; Lachlan Rash “TBA”

Wednesday, 21 November 3.30pm: Asma Rehman “TBA”; Mike Yarski of Millennium Science “Protein Kinetics in a Drop”; Sergey Mureev “Approaches for the in vitro site-specific protein labeling”; Susan Northfield “Inhibition of protein-protein interactions: Cyclic peptides targeting HIV-1 integrase/LEDGF binding”

Wednesday, 5 December 3.30pm: Eugene Zhang “TBA”; Evan Stephens “TBA”; Quentin Kaas “TBA”

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