Help PACT develop a treatment for postpartum depression

Millions of women around the globe experience postpartum (sometimes called postnatal) depression, symptoms of which include:

  • Feeling sad or depressed
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Excessive worry about baby’s health

Why do some women experience postpartum depression and not others? That’s what we aim to discover through this research project, so we can develop better treatments.

The PACT Consortium is an international group of academic clinicians and scientists committed to understanding the interactions of genes and environment to predict which women are at risk of PPD.  The aim of the international PPD-ACT study is to identify genetic risk factors associated with post-partum depression.

We’re hoping to recruit 100,000 women worldwide to participate in the study. If you or someone you care about has ever experienced postnatal depression join the PPD ACT study to help find the cure.

Twenty minutes of your time and a spit sample could help us discover a solution for this debilitating condition that affects millions of women.

The PPD ACT app is currently only available for iOS devices in Australia. 

Don’t use iOS and still want to be involved?  You can help our researchers today by participating in a larger study being conducted in collaboration with researchers at QIMR Berghofer Institute for Medical Research. 

The Australian arm of the PPD ACT study is designed to collect more detailed information about health and lifestyle as part of our “Genetics of Risk and Response to Treatment of Depression” study. You can find more information on the study website here

The Australian and international PPD-ACT collaborators are listed here



For more information regarding the PPD ACT project go to, or to contact us about this study email us at 

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