IMB's research centres and breakthrough science programs are focused around our major research strengths.  

Centre for Inflammation and Disease Research

Our centre brings together basic research with drug discovery and development. We aim to understand inflammation at the cellular and molecular levels, and devise strategies for controlling inflammation to prevent or treat disease.

Centre for Pain Research

Our vision is to discover and develop new molecules for treating pain in humans. Our researchers use advanced technologies to accelerate discovery and optimisation of analgesic small molecules, peptides, and natural products. 

UQ Project Three Billion

UQ Project Three Billion is a UQ centre that focuses on identifying and determining the significance of functional variation in the genome. By applying advanced techniques in DNA and RNA sequencing, statistical genomics, epigenetics and functional biology, the goal of UQ3B is to decode the critical base changes that influence disease processes and explain genetic variation between individuals.

Centre for Superbug Solutions

Our centre will help doctors accurately diagnose and treat multidrug-resistant bacterial infections. Clinicians, chemists, microbiologists and pharmacists are working together to help our community stop superbugs in their tracks before it’s too late.

Centre for Solar Biotechnology

To reduce the growing strain on the world’s energy, food and water resources, the Centre for Solar Biotechnology will optimise algae production to develop innovative biotechnologies. Researchers are developing a suite of advanced technologies – based on microalgae systems - that can be flexibly integrated and used for the production of food, fuel and high-value products, as well as supplying clean water.

Breakthrough Science Program in Mechanobiology

Our aim is to understand how changes in cells and tissue mechanics or physical forces can contribute to development and disease. 





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