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About IMB research video

Meet IMB's Deputy Director (Research) Professor Jenny Stow, who will introduce you to some of the leading research that we are working on to improve quality of life for all.

Love drug may treat abdominal pain - Weekends with Katrina Davidson (Paul Alewood)

The back story of blue eyes - 4BC (Rick Sturm)

A 7,000-year-old Spanish man gives insight into human evolution - AM (Rick Sturm)

Changing the face of acne - Today Tonight (Mark Blaskovich, Cooper lab)

Fears the post-antibiotic era has arrived - ABC PM (Matt Cooper)

Identification of structural variation associated with autoimmune disorders - Dr Lachlan Coin

Pinpointing the initiation of immune responses - Dr Kate Schroder

Using genome sequencing to understand degenerative brain disorders in children - Dr Ryan Taft

Professor Brandon Wainwright at the 2012 NHMRC 'Ten of the Best' launch

Drugs from a cup of tea - American Chemical Society piece on David Craik

Blood and lymphatic vessel formation

Secret Protein

Interview with Lexy Hamilton-Smith, Channel 10 News, 6:30pm, 23 March 2011

2013 Queensland Life Sciences | Great state. Great opportunity.

Superbugs and the machine that goes 'ping'

A BrisScience/UQ Research Week public lecture by Prof. Matt Cooper (IMB) and Prof. Bernie Degnan (School of Biological Sciences)

A question of colour: Redheads - Body Sphere, Radio National

Cancer battle - 7 News Brisbane

Centipede venom to relieve pain

Concerns over antibiotic-resistant superbugs - Breakfast, Radio National

Discoveries Need Dollars

Watch this vodcast by Dr Nicole Cloonan on the importance of protecting medical research funding

IMB graduate is UQ's 10,000th PhD

New disease identified

No link between peptides and cancer: expert (Mike Waters)

Rise of the superbugs - 4 Corners

Using algae to fuel the world

GlaxoSmithKline Award for Research Excellence (Peter Koopman)

Watch a video on the IMB (6.1 MB)

This video shows some of the facilities of the IMB and the Queensland Bioscience Precinct (QBP). It was produced for the opening of the QBP in 2003.

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