"It's all about mechanisms and mentoring, the ways we can help women have careers in science" - Professor Jenny Stow, IMB Deputy Director (Research)

IMB is passionate about the growth and future of scientific research in Queensland and Australia. Key to this aim is training, supporting and promoting the next generations of researchers and scientific leaders through the early stages of their career.

At IMB, we value all our scientists. Working with individuals and seeing them flourish in research-related careers is one of our major contributions to the future of science. We believe women can achieve greatness and satisfaction in their careers AND in their lives, and this quest should be for individuals and institutes working as one.

Recognising our IMB Women

To meet some of our outstanding IMB women in research please see our Recognising Women in Science page.

Achieving gender balance at IMB - a work in progress

A snapshot of the 2014 IMB statistics on gender balance, summarised below, mirrors the situation at many other research institutes worldwide, and indeed, professional workplaces across many sectors:

  • Laboratory Heads: 6 women out of 34 (17.6%), three of whom are Professors,
  • Postdoctoral researchers: roughly 60 women out of 160 (37.5%),
  • Postgraduate students: roughly 75 out of 150 (50%).

At a senior level, the gender balance is:

  • Professors: 3 women out of 17 (17.6%),
  • Division Heads: 1 women out of 4 (25%),
  • Executive team: 2 women out of 7 (28.6%).

While the reasons for this creeping gender imbalance in our workplaces are complex, we are committed to addressing the one-sided loss of talent at the mid-career to higher levels. Accordingly, IMB has instituted a range of measures, formal and informal, to promote a family-friendly workplace and to advise, train, mentor and promote women scientists at all stages of their career. Importantly, we offer flexible, individualised advice and stewardship where possible.

What we do for women at IMB

To learn more about the support and facilities available to our IMB women, please see our Supporting our Women in Science page.

Alongside IMB's range of support and training, The University of Queensland also offers several services for women staff and students, both academic and personal, aimed at supporting and progressing their professional development.

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Recognising our Women in Science

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